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covid 19 I effect @ Carplounge 


Due to the extreme demand and Covid-19 caused delivery shortages of our suppliers, it came to missing components, which could lead to delays in the completion or shipping of ordered RT4 Baitboats.

// Delivery time baitboats:

Currently we can not guarantee the delivery time of our RT4 boats of regular 2-4 weeks!

// Delivery time articles:

All other articles from our webshop are now, with a few exceptions, available again!

// Current offers & deals

...Will be extended for you! until we can guarantee the usual production time for all sets again

// Delivery time requests

... By eMail / phone we can not make any binding commitments, because we are limited by our suppliers.

A matter of course

for us....

... Even if we may have to do without a few orders, we remain true to our business policy:

No "VIP" Preference!

all orders are produced in order! for us all customers are the same, no matter for which company they work or how much follower they have.

We'll keep you posted!

If an important part for the production of your boat is missing, we will inform you by email with a planned date.

No compromise!

To install available but inferior parts from other suppliers in the boats is not an option for us.

 Extra shifts

In order to meet the extreme demand, we are working extra shifts, overtime and Saturdays

Back on Track

Slowly our suppliers are also returning to normal, so we were able to reduce the backlogs in production and shipping significantly in the last few days

...the last missing parts are now finally on their way to us! 


While the Covid-19 has caused a considerable decline for most companies, the exact opposite has happened to us!

However it might sound good, but the negative side effects due to the corona are now starting to affect us. Therefore we have decided to inform our customers and potential customers by this way.



Incoming orders are almost tripled in comparison to last year! For years we have calculated our production and purchase orders with +45% growth compared to the previous year.

This year, however, we are really struggling with around 300% more orders than last year and some delivery dates are now partly impossible to meet!                                             

Since March, we have been producing continuously with 35 employees in a 2-shift system and also on Saturdays in order to meet the delivery times shown on our website or personally promised.                                                

Due to the large stock, which would have certainly reached until autumn under normal sales and growth, we have been able to process all orders on time so far.



Depending on the setup you ordered, our boats consist of up to 200 individual parts - if only one is missing, we cannot finish the boat completely.                                                         

Unfortunately, Corona has also hit some of our suppliers economically. These companies are in short-time work or do not receive any material themselves in order to be able to deliver the quantities we ordered in time.           

Of course, our purchasing and development departments are working on alternative parts for non-deliverable items with the highest pressure in order to supply our production with high quality parts.                                             

However, there are parts where alternative products do not meet our quality standards, such as the motors we had been waiting for a long time or the GPS receivers and batteries we currently have.

Wait or Cancel ??

Even if we may have to do without a few orders, we remain true to our business policy and hereby provide detailed information and point out the options.

As fishermen, we know what it is like to wait for tackle, especially if you have already scheduled the boat for a particular session.

We could have made it easy for ourselves: Install available but inferior parts from other suppliers in the boats and conceal the situation from our customers.

Those who know us know that the first option is not a solution for us. A large part of Carplounge's success is the fact that we cannot and will not compromise on quality.


It simply doesn't make sense for us to install components where there is a likelihood that the customer may experience problems with that particular part over the years



After the heavy start of corona, our purchasing department was able to organize almost all delivery failures again.

We do not expect it to take much longer, as most suppliers have adjusted to the current situation and, with a few exceptions, almost everything is available again.

We cannot answer daily phone calls or emails regarding the production status or delivery times, of course this is frustrating for all.



Of course, all orders are still processed in sequence and most of them are shipped immediately.

Only in case of missing parts, which are not available with equivalent replacements, we cannot go ahead.

Some suppliers are currently unable to give us exact delivery dates themselves and makes it impossible to serve our customers with binding information.



Our promise to you: If something should be missing for the completion of your order, the boat will of course be completely assembled except for the missing component so that the boat can be installed with the highest priority immediately upon arrival of the missing component and the ordered goods can be completed, tested and shipped.


Free Cancelation - If you can't or don't want to wait any longer, we totally understand this and ask you to cancel your order. 

Already paid deposits will be immediately refunded by our accounting department.


As it is currently not possible for us to plan delivery dates exactly as described or to give binding promises, we have decided to run all current offers on our website (up to 50% discount!) for you - until we have an exact delivery date for each component again.


We are honest - all orders are processed in the order in which they are placed!

We do not accept offers for additional payments for faster production / priority. No "VIP" benefits: For us, every customer is the same, no matter if you are well known or which company you work for.

An open and fair approach to our customers has made us what we are today. Our boats are not available off the shelf, and those that have decided to buy a carplounge RT4, unfortunately have to wait until it is ready - in accordance to our quality standards.


Please refrain from inquiries by email or phone about delivery times and trust us that we know what we are doing. It is also in our interest to always process and deliver all orders as soon as possible!

We can only hope for your understanding and most important: stay healthy!

Yours, Carplounge Team


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